Why Spammy Backlinks Are Bad For Your Website

Blogging is great for generating free organic traffic. The traffic is highly targeted. However, most internet marketers do not want to rank their blogs and websites naturally. These internet marketers use spammy backlinks when ranking their sites. This is not recommended, and you are going to learn why in this article.

Search engines change their algorithms all the time, so you have to be careful when you are ranking your web page, website or blog. Use white hat Search Engine Optimization techniques only.

The following are the top reasons why spammy backlinks are bad for your website.

1 – Getting De-indexed

There is a difference between being deindexed and being penalized. Your website will not show up in the search results if it is deindexed. You will not find your domain name even when you type it into the search engine search bar.

This punishment is very rare, but it happens. It is easy to tell if you have been deindexed by the search engines. For example; use Google.com to “site search” your website. Type in site:yoursitename.com, and if your site shows up, then it is not deindexed.

2 – Getting Penalized

Getting penalized reduces the ranking of a website. There is no way of checking if your site has been penalized, but you will know it because your site may drop ten pages and the traffic to your site usually reduces.

It is important to track the rankings of your site so that you know when it has been penalized. The rankings may move from time to time, and this is entirely reasonable.

If your website is penalized, you can hire someone who is good at SEO to help you remove the penalty. Fixing the penalty takes time, so you have to be willing to wait.

These are the top reasons why spammy links are bad for your website. Do not use them especially if you want to generate free organic traffic for several years.